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Begin your journey to digital world with us

The digital world is messy, complex, complicated, but your life doesn’t have to.

At Takalab, we can be your partner to help you accelerate your business and maximize potential through technology.

Our Services


Get a clear view on your goals, from the big picture down to the details with practical and industry-proven methodology.

Research & Consultation

Uncover, analyze, and report on user problems, product & competitor research, and market opportunities

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Service & Technology Blueprint

Make better planning with a clear blueprint and roadmap, discover what you should build and how, from the big picture down to the details.

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Deploy world-class agile product teams that can design, build, ship and scale your vision in the most efficient way.

Business Analysis

Analyze the business process and essential features of the product into tangible requirement documents.

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Product Design

Design the product wire flow & wireframe, Hi-Fi mockup, prototype & test, and build into an organized design system

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Web & Mobile App Development

Develop requirements and design into a fully functional web and/or iOS & Android mobile app

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Build & experiment product MVP that really meets the needs of real users and minimize the business risk of building something that people don’t want.

Design Sprint Facilitation

Five-day workshop to research, design, prototype, and test product/business ideas with final users

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MVP Development

Develop a product with a minimal set of features (essential) to validate product ideas and get feedback as quickly as possible.

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Product Incubation

Partner with us and work together to experiment & grow your product

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Our Portfolios

Dompet Dhuafa – Digital Transformation Blueprint

Lumbungin – Farmer Community & Knowledge Sharing Platform

K-Link Indonesia – Ecommerce Digital Ecosystem

K-Link Indonesia – Digital Ecosystem Service & Technology Blueprint

Ministry of Agriculture – Agriculture War Room Service Blueprint

Autozen – Car Selling & Dealer Network Bidding Platform

Our Clients

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