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Design Sprint Facilitation

Design, build, and test product in 5-days

Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with final users and customers; basically, a way to solve design problems quickly.

Based on Design Sprint by Google Ventures, our team will facilitate the process and adjust accordingly to the client's contexts and needs.

How It Works

Day 1 - Understand

Identify who are the users, what are their needs, what is the context, competitor review, and formulate pain points & opportunity areas

Day 2 - Diverge

Envision, brainstorms, develop lots of solutions, and ideate, to get as many ideas and solutions as possible

Day 3 - Decide

Collaborate to choose, prioritize, and define the product & features that will be developed and create the detailed storyboard & user journey

Day 4 - Prototype

Build something quick and functional to show to users and focus on usability not making it beautiful

Day 5 - Validate

Show the prototype to real users outside the organization to learn what works and doesn’t work, then iterate in the next sprint

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