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K-Link Ecommerce Digital Ecosystem

K-Link is the first Sharia based Digital Network Marketing company in Indonesia. Since founded in 2002, K-Link has more than 2,4 Million of members spread across nations. K-Link's next goals is to develop ecosystem of app and web enhancement to improve buying experience and provide better service for customers and to improve member experience as a K-Link distributor and grow their success.




PT. K-Link Nusantara



01 Problem

K-Link has developed the online platform for both customers (K-Mart) and members (K-Net). This platform has been their initial step towards digitalization and has been starting to change customer & members behaviour and their experience. However there is still much room for improvements to develop a better experience.

02 Approach

Takalab conducted in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders and extensive desk research. Then mapped the pains and gains of each stakeholders to get the list of features and function that need to be developed.

03 Solution

Takalab designed and developed ECommerce mobile app and web to improve the buying experience for customer and member and Office Web to manage the content and operation for the eCommerce.

Ecommerce Android & iOS App for Customer & Distributor

Office-side Management Web App