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Business Analysis

Make a better requirement

Business analysis helps you refine your idea, plan, and evaluate the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals into a tangible document of Product and/or Business Requirement Documents, user stories, and technical specifications.

Process & Methodology

Requirement Gathering

The first step involves gathering relevant material. Work with the stakeholders to review existing business processes, review stakeholder goals and needs, interview users to understand their goals for the process, and gain insight into what measures of success they are seeking.

Design Direction & Tech Architecture

Create design direction, key screen concept, high-level flow prototype and tech stack architecture.

Scoping & Prioritizing

List down all the products, features, and functions needed to be developed. Together with stakeholders, conduct scoping & prioritization to define the focus of the project, milestone, timeline, budget.

Document & Reporting

Present the findings into a comprehensive Business Requirement Document (BRD), and Product Requirement Document (PRD).


Design Direction

Key screen concept and high-level flow prototype to visualize what the end product would look like and provide direction for the rest product design.

Business Requirement Document

Provides specific information about the proposed project, and how it will help to meet the overall needs of the business or organization.

Product Requirement Document

Documents all specifications associated with the product and its features. It also clarifies expectations for any stakeholders involved in developing, testing, or maintaining the software and ensures that specifications are clearly defined.

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