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Service & Technology Blueprint

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Service & Technology Blueprint helps you transform ideas into a cohesive, functioning business process for your organization. It allows you to visualize the workflow around one or many products and their interaction with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.
Your blueprint will show how the different actors interact with one another and how they create value together.
Generally consists of 50-250 pages or even more depending on the scope of work (service area or a number of products, interviewees, etc.)

Process & Methodology


Get a deep understanding of who the users are, their needs, the context, competitive review, and other framed research questions through a various research methodology that best fits with research goals from the in-depth interview, observation, and desk research.


Compile the research results from different sources and methodologies, analyze, extract insights, and identify the answer to the research questions and objectives.


Combine, triangulate, and classify the key insights into several groups and map them into a diverged research results in the form of journey maps, value proposition canvases, business model canvas, and other contextual diagramming methods that can give an overview of the research results.

Blueprint Design

Design the service and/or technology blueprint based on research results and solution benchmarking, then develop the roadmap, along with recommended strategy and plan to implement the blueprint.


User Research

Understand the needs, character, behavior, experience, and motivation of users through various methods (desk, qualitative and quantitative).

Competitor Research

Identify and analyze competitors’ businesses, products, and services to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Market Research

Gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about your business’s target market, users or customers, competitors, and the industrial landscape.

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