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Autozen - Car Selling Platform

Autozen is a new startup company from Canada that wants to make car selling easier, faster, and with much better deals.







01 Problem

Selling a car can be long and exhausting process and some people needs the money right away and a fair deal at their advantage. On the other side there are many car dealership / buyer that actively looking and competing to buy the car faster.

02 Approach

We conducted in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders and extensive desk research. Then mapped the pains and gains of each stakeholders to see if we can connect all the party into one platform.

03 Solution

Takalab designed & developed car selling app and dealer bidding website for Autozen that connects car seller, inspectors, and buyers into one integrated platform. Car seller can enter their car info to book inspection, then the car will get bid by network of buyers, thus the seller can get better price quickly and buyer can discover the car and make a deal faster.

Ecommerce Android & iOS App for Customer & Inspector

Dealer Bidding Website