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Dompet Dhuafa - Digital Transformation Blueprint

Dompet Dhuafa is one of the largest NGO in Indonesia and has been growing for 25+ years. Since the pandemic, the management realized the urgency of transforming the entire organization for digitalization. They have initiated several small digitalization strategy but still unorganized and didn't work as expected. The challenges are big as the organization has remained large for the past 25+ years and the industry of NGO has many walls that needs to be tackled. The leaders realized the change needs to start at the most fundamental level with a clear roadmap & organized strategy.




Dompet Dhuafa



01 Problem

The rate of innovation in NGO sector has been slow, yet the demand of the market has been accelerating and even more since the pandemic began. Dompet Dhuafa needed to find a way to increase the rate of their innovation to serve more donors and reach more beneficiary significantly with better scalability.

02 Approach

To help us identify and understand the problems, challenges faced by the company, and their key strengths, we conducted in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders and extensive desk research, market analysis, and case study benchmarking then extract & analyze the results.

03 Solution

The Blueprint contains several key initiatives proposed based on problem identification results, which could be an enhancement for the existing system or new development, and can be utilized as a map to understand where to go next if we want to achieve the desired goals.