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Lumbungin - Farmer Community & Knowledge Sharing Platform

Lumbungin is a new Indonesian startup collaborating with Ministry of Agriculture to create platform in which farmers & experts can discuss & share knowledge




Lumbungin & Ministry of Agriculture, ID



01 Problem

Indonesian farmers are mostly self-learnt or learn from tradition and have difficulties to keep up with latest update on agriculture technology, discussions, and experts.

02 Approach

To help us identify and understand the problems, challenges faced by the company, and their key strengths, we conducted in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders and extensive desk research, then extract & analyze the results.

03 Solution

We found that by connecting farmers with each other and experts can help them gain and share knowledge easier and faster. Takalab helped Lumbungin & Ministry of Agriculture to design a social media & sharing knowledge app for farmers that allows them to discuss directly with each other, access educational contents, and consult with experts.

Ecommerce Android & iOS App for Customer & Distributor

Office-side Management Web App